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Edward C. Moran Sr.

Edward C. Moran Sr. ("Ed") started out as a tailor at his father's tailor shop, "P. Moran & Co". On August 1, 1896, he founded the E. C. Moran insurance agency in the back of his father Patrick Moran's tailor shop at 306 Main Street in Rockland.  He walked daily to and from Beechwood Street for most of his years at the business, working there 44 years until age 70. He was also Rockland Postmaster for many years. Along with a growing list of clients, Ed added the Fitchburg Mutual Fire Insurance Company to the Moran roster, which the agency has represented since 1914.

Edward Carlton MoranEdward Carlton Moran Jr. ("Carl") worked at the agency from 1919 until 1967. He spent two terms in Congress, 1933 to 1937, was a member of the US Maritime Commission 1937-1940, State Director for the Office of Price Administration 1942, and US Assistant Secretary of Labor 1945, then came home in 1945, at which time he wrote Rockland's Charter and Ordinances. He was the first Chairman of the new City Council as well as the top vote-getter. Carl wrote three genealogy books on the Bunker family, more information can be found on the Bunker Family web site: www.bunkerfamilyassn.org/index.html

Paul MoranPaul W. Moran attended Bowdoin College, where he medaled in swimming, but had to leave midway through to serve in the Navy in the Pacific, where he was a radioman. He returned to graduate Bowdoin June 1948, and went into the agency one week later. He started Ham radio work in 1958, with certificates for Working all States and Working all Continents.  He joined the agency in 1948, starting retirement in 1988. He assisted in the writing of the Gushee family genealogy books, and is known for unusual pets including his ocelot "Ocie" and his alligator. He now spends a good part of his time enjoying his grandchildren.

Office of E.C. Moran


 As well as Morans, the "Blackington sisters", Dorothy Baxter and Audrey Teel, worked in the agency 60 and 57 years, respectively, starting around 1920. They originally rode to town with their father in the horse and wagon which was parked at the town garage on Limerock Street, where the Post Office now sits. They started at the agency with "old Mr. Moran" before Paul was born, and worked with all four generations of Morans.

Patricia Moran Wotton

 Patricia J. Moran Wotton, current President, started at the agency in 1978, after two years college at Union College in Schenectady, then transferring to UMass Amherst where there was an insurance program. She has served two terms on the Rockland City Council, as well as on the SAD5 schoolboard and RSU13 schoolboard, 9 years on the Rockland Planning Commission, and currently on the Rockland Energy Committee.

 Patti is married to Sherwood Wotton, Jr who helps at the agency part-time, and they are parents of Haley and Nikolai.

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